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Hotels near Kitty Hawk, North Carolina, United States

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Kitty Hawk Oceanfront Hotels

Aptly termed as the land of beginnings, Kitty Hawk was the place where the English first tried to colonize the U.S. Later on the Wright Brothers went on to make history when they defied gravity and invented one of the scientific marvels.

Kitty Hawk was also declared as a National Seashore by the U.S. government to protect the ecology. As a result of this Kitty Hawk is now a place which boasts of the most spectacular beaches on the Northern Carolina Coast. A host of other interesting places and activities ensure that the tourists get more than what they expected before visiting Kitty Hawk. One of the most preferred beach destinations along the North Carolina Coast, the town of Kitty Hawk is also well equipped with some of the best oceanfront hotels. These oceanfront hotels provide the best of amenities and services with a breathtaking view of the Atlantic waters.

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