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Hotels near Georgetown, South Carolina, United States

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Georgetown Oceanfront Hotels, SC

Georgetown is the second largest seaport and also the third oldest city in South Carolina. A popular belief is associated with the city of Georgetown that this was the place where American history actually started in 1526. But it was in the year 1729 that the plan for Georgetown was laid by Elisha Screven.

Recent years have witnessed a drastic change in the economic structure of the city of Georgetown, SC. Manufacturing and tourism industry has catapulted the city to newer heights and is now known all over the U.S. as a major beach destination. Along with the lovely beaches, plantations and a favourable climate, Georgetown, SC also has some of the finest oceanfront hotels overlooking the Atlantic. The relaxed and homely atmosphere of the city can also be identified while staying at any one of the oceanfront hotels. Online bookings, packages and special deals are offered by most of the oceanfront hotels.

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