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Beaches in Rhode Island – Rhode Island Beaches Oceanfront Hotels

Rhode Island Beaches
Boasting of more than 400 miles of picturesque coastline, Rhode Island has got the distinction of being tagged as the “Ocean State”. It features more than 100 public and private beaches, all of them having their own appealing attributes and attractions. The most unique feature about the beaches in Rhode Island is they can be divided into two types. The beaches along the Narragansett Bay are barrier protected beaches and their waters are suitable for newbie swimmers and kids. Whereas, the beaches along the Atlantic Ocean featuring huge waves make them more suitable for surfing and surf fishing during the summers.

The Beaches in Rhode Island are renowned throughout the world for providing its visitors with some of the best outdoor recreational activities such as swimming, fishing, surfing, surf fishing, relaxing, birding, wildlife viewing, shore walking, jogging, beach hiking, sandcastle building and lots more. The amount of attractions and activities associated with these beaches compel individual and families from all across the globe to come here again and again.

Rhode Island Beaches can easily be divided according to their locations into areas such as South County, Newport County, Warwick, West Bay, East Bay and Block Island. All of these areas have their own distinct charm and attractions. Newport's Second Beach, Block Island Beaches, Scarborough Beach, Watch Hill Beach and Salty Brine State Beach are some of the most popular beaches in Rhode Island. When it come to the accommodation options in Rhode Island Beaches, visitors will find world class Oceanfront Hotels near Rhode Island Beaches that offer the best amenities and facilities.