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Best Family Beaches and Beachfront Hotels at Beaches in Maine

Main Beaches
The entire stretch of Maine’s coastline spread along 5,500miles is renowned around the world for its wide ranging attractions such as long stretches of white sandy beaches, rugged shores, scenic lighthouses, lobsters and deep sea sailing and fishing. There are wide varieties of beaches in Maine and each and every beach has its own special characteristics and charm. The best beaches in Maine lies in the Maine’s Southern coast but as you move to the north along the Atlantic Ocean you’ll be greeted with some of the prettiest beaches in United States.

Maine Beaches can easily be divided according to their locations like Maine down-East & Acadia Beaches, Maine Mid-Coast Beaches, Maine Greater Portland Beaches and Maine Southern Coast Beaches. The best time for a beach vacation in Maine is during the summers when the seaside turns into a large playground with families and individuals enjoying wide ranging outdoor recreational activities such as swimming, surfing, fishing, sunning, sand-castle building and much more. In winters, when the weather is fine, residents and visitors can be seen enjoying the beautiful oceanfront vistas and strolling along the coast.

The most popular beaches in Maine like Old Orchard Beach, Ogunquit Beach, Kennebunk Beach, Acadia National Park Beaches and Goose Rocks Beach are the best family-friendly beaches offering something for everyone. Visitors travelling on a beach holiday will find accommodations at luxury Oceanfront Hotels in Maine. Most of the Beachfront Hotels in Maine are located in the vicinity of the beach as well as nearby attractions such as Museums, Lighthouses, Parks, Souvenir Shops, Restaurants and other City Attractions.